Brainstorming Various Shenzhen Community Events

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Currently typing from the bus from Shenzhen Bay border to Hong Kong….spending a couple days in Hong Kong for business meetings as well as spend more time with the Boot hk coworking crew…..discussing all the developments in Shenzhen with the meetups and new szteam coworking space. Things are fitting together, in a groove….and I’m happy doing it. This is what life is all about right?

Being Sunday, and being I need to develop my ideas and write them all down, I thought may as well make it public and blog them as well. Here is an outline for current and future meetups in Shenzhen and South China:

exchange program, china business bootcamp – bringing foreigners into china to learn the environment and internet scene. this is what is behind. i have tons of high quality factories and businesses to bring them to, speakers, events, etc

intern program – this is what does well….see their paid internship tab , they support me making this in china, cross promoting. at the tropicalmba event, my friends from shenzhen came to Tropical MBA as well and they want to invest in this being in shenzhen and thinking I am perfect to run it….looking to rent a big apartment in Shenzhen and can have the interns live there and work inside the coworking space. Have an outline for this as well already.

training program – think targeting foreign companies in china, either at thier office or a conference room near the Shenzhen coworking office, teach sales and marketing to the staff. Have tons of powerpoints and lots of experience from SEO services I have provided, as well as a few consulting projects in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and Dongguan.

coworking program – is already in soft launch, with the official launch party next Thursday July 21st evening there.

ebusiness / ecommerce meetups – we have been holding these meetups monthly since jan and this is what spawned most of the above.

Business “speed dating” or matchmaking – met this weekend from a nice girl Kate from Lithuania who contacted me to setup a Shenzhen business matchmaking event inside the shenzhen team coworking space. I have to admit, when I was talking to her in emails, my American mind thought it was true speed dating, not business focused to meet like minded BUSINESS MINDS (not for dinner dates with girls/boys). This is really cool. Also want to help new startups find mentors. Kate said many startups need this expertise…Gareth, her, and I were brainstorming how….to find mentors…..

Startups Shenzhen – There is already a group forming on Shenzhen stuff to support startups, and I have been meeting more and more people who desire to do one, so hopefully can find a “project leader” to spearhead this project.

I know, its tons of stuff. And many of my friends scream at me, HOW WILL THIS MAKE MONEY!! But I still believe in, find what you love to do, and then find out how to make money with it. And that is what I’m doing…I believe I have finally found what I enjoy doing, connecting people, building communities, and sales and marketing.

Lets see where this huge list of items takes me.

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