CBS2023, Cross Border Summit, As It Is Happening

CBS2023, Cross Border Summit, As It Is Happening

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Feels great typing this up because IT IS OVER! Ha, such a stressful and high-anxiety thing to do – put together a conference. The build-up to the event almost cracked me this time more than any other conference we have done and it made me doubt and question everything.

But you know what – we made it, and in my opinion, it was the best one out of the 5 now that we have done for the Cross Border Summit.

A nice 100-person audience with top speakers, experts, and friends from around the world in person. The quality of speakers and the content was top-notch, seriously.

My favorite part this year was I was NOT the MC, I was the attendee. I was able to take so many notes and get so many insights for my own ecommerce. Very confident that anyone doing anything in e-commerce – Amazon or not – will get huge benefits from this conference.

Worked so hard to not only have top speakers and sharing but also top networking. Pushing the limits with speed dating sessions, round tables, masterminds, and after parties – there should be no excuse for high-value networking and making some exceptional connections in this small but quality group of people.

And the big release was the announcement of Loadpipe to the GFA community, to the e-commerce seller community. This is something I have been wondering about – will we be able to bridge the e-commerce work and our web3 / handshake/blockchain world.

It will take time! The feedback is, that many in e-commerce are not aware of blockchain too much – but this is my job, right? To educate and teach them on how to do just that. The new calling and the new chunk of content I need to create and connect people with.

I’ll be catching up on some rest next week. This is enough for this vlog write-up (you’re not reading this anyway ha).

Enjoy the video and keep making things happen. Next year’s will be a level up like never before. Stay tuned.

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