True Passion – Sharing and Teaching People How to Earn a Living

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“Back at it” – The Alpha Rock Capital partners have let me loose and to do what my passion is – to share and spread the good word.

Alexa and I took a trip to Quezon City (my old home from 2010!) to speak at Ace and Andi Estrada’s Manila Mastermind e-commerce event. A few hundred attendees there, all local Filipinos who are starting or growing their e-commerce businesses here.

Love seeing entrepreneurs wanting to learn and grow and improve their lives.

Nick Peroni from Ecom Empires was sharing tons of Facebook advertising strategies, also others there to share their case studies and success stories.

I came to share about Finding a factory in China and sourcing strategies. A bit over an hour talk, which many times is a 3 hour workshop I have done. I really enjoyed motivating them to reverse engineer their competitors supply chains, not to skip steps in the sourcing process (and have problems I and many have had) and to keep taking action.

So, how did it go, you might ask? Well, we can all hear from Ace Estrada himself:

This is one speaking engagement of many, the plan ARC has is to build up corporate social responsibility and do 10 workshops for the local ecommerce community in the next 2 months while I’m in town.

Seems like a worthwhile project to me.

High res images for team:

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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    We really enjoy you sharing with the community on how you are growing a sourcing business. I learned so much there and hope to have more of your sharing soon


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