Week plan Jan 19 to 25 2020

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What is Mike Up To Now – Jan 19 to 25, 2020

Missing my wife and kids. This is harder than I thought. Wechat video calls are not the same.

Recovering from volcano / getting sick – jeez, what a rough week starting in Manila. But volcano seems gone for now (? I hope) and air is better and my chest/nose is clear (was really stuffed up late in the week last week)

Preparing to build front end sales funnel for Virtuous Graphics / AMZ Studios here in Manila. Its an Alpha Rock Capital invested company, and I will use my SEO and internet marketing skills to build up the front end sales funnel for better sales / leads / marketing conversion (lead magnets, webinars, etc)

Hope to meet more Shadstone team – the team behind this blog and Global From Asia (and more) is scattered all over Philippines and I hope to meet some more soon.

Note for team – sorry no high res image this time – it is a screen grab from an SOP I was making… lol.

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