What’s Mike Up To Feb 2, 2020

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What Mike is Up To Now – Feb 2- 8, 2020

What a week.

Coronavirus – Basically taking turn for the worst. But getting mixed feedback about the severity- some say common flu in USA is more deadly than this, but the news makes it seems like the sky is falling
Cancelled a trip to Hong Kong / Shenzhen – was supposed to head up to China end of Feb, for Visa run and also for a friend / business associate, but coronavirus cancelled all of that
Flight to KL this Thursday – have a visa run to Kuala Lumpur for this Thursday for an exit flight, but wondering to skip it or not due to all this medical issues w/ Corona Virus.
Chinese New Year was supposed to be over this weekend, but it is being extended due to this epidemic.
Factory re-order thought process – if Chinese factories don’t re-open, and Amazon inventory is out of stock, what is the option.
Hosting an Amazon FBA training tomorrow (Monday Feb 3) for the Virtuous Graphics team, since they work with Amazon sellers, this workshop will be to get them a full 360 idea of how sellers thinks, what their needs are, and how they can do better for them.
Preparing another in-person workshop in Bagiou, Philippines for Thurs Feb 21
Taking care of GFAVIP members and working closely with them.
Lucky a lot of my work is online based – so fortunate to have the ability to work online.But still physical products many come from China.

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