On the Move, Week Plan May 22-28, 2022

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – May 22- 28, 2022

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Typing up on my “lap” (no desk / table here), and somewhat taking some time off – but more it is looking at new apartments and schools to relocate our family to Huizhou (maybe). And Vlog coming soon of course.

So quick update:
* HR / admin / finance / new hires – new “Blood” coming to Shadstone, so always makes things interesting and engaging.
* Factory/Shipping/Logistics Update – so much for Excalibur Brothers and the franchisees. But this is batch one, so let’s make systems and processes to scale this up.
* Re-focus on Amazon /SEO, even the SkyInclude is more about traditional web with the registry starting.
* Still deciding where to have the family live after this summer.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan May 22 – 28, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Typing this up from Wendy’s friend’s huizhou beach house (well 3 blocks walk from the beach ha). Trying to get out of Shenzhen a bit, while also looking for new school / living options for the family. But of course, getting this week plan written up, as I do hope it helps the team (and also helps me put things on paper – virtual paper).

Last week, tons of work spent on HR / finance / management. This is the “weak” points of me to be honest, so I am trying my best to provide the information and details required to get the systems upgraded. We had a nice consulting session with Janette, and she looked at our portal and has a lot of ideas on how to further utilize it. Hope we can have more of us as “portal experts” as this can further help us grow and provide incentives.

The HR department was super busy last week – shout out to Nessa! Her and LJ and various department managers were doing interviews for a bunch of departments – finance / admin / SEO / and more. Even though there is some transitioning with the company projects (and crypto is in a bear market) – we are pushing ahead. Again, the theme seems to be we are going back a bit to “Web2” – Amazon FBA/ SEO / web marketing. More clients and projects are coming to us, and hope we can balance this “feast/famine” issue agencies have as they scale and maintain the growing team.

Akitai we need to start thinking of new product ideas. Things are getting optimized well (I personally like the Marilyn Monroe product line the most, so look forward to that getting optimized).

Excalibur Brothers is still TONS and TONS of supply chain / manufacturing / logistics. I feel so blessed to have a talented and detail oriented team to support my weakness of details. We need to further setup SYSTEMS , processes, and make them evergreen recurring tools and systems so once we get these first 4 going for EB – we can grow this for all our brands- like Akitai above, and future ones (hehe, you know me….)

Fishing Lab- Still believe not all the Amazon affiliate codes are updated. Believe we need more experts on how to make and update Amazon affiliate codes, as we need to become experts on this site and use more Amazon affiliate in our network of investment sites.

NowShenzhen added a new weekly feature called the Weekender – to highlight events coming up. Glad to see the team and systems optimizing to the point new initiatives are added fairly smoothly. And I know events are a hot topic for people in any city – so believe this new one will be a good asset long term for advertising and media making.

Flamingo handshake – we did it even without names to auction. It is crazy how fast a bear market can squeeze the systems. Sure we could have added names – but the reserves were so high. We still had a good session with Johnny Wu and will make that a SkyInclude youtube video for evergreen content. He also gave a good idea – no more reserves – just turn the reserve field into “starting bid” and if people want that to be 100,000 Hns to start an auction, obviously it may be hard to get a bidder, and we as the Flamingo Handshake platform may more easily tell them that is an unreasonable starting bid. So hope the team can take that feedback and implement it (sorry I didnt make a portal task – can someone help!)

SkyInclude – it may finally turn into the purpose it was made -a registry! You can look at registrar.skyinclude.hns.to from October 2020 to see yourself. But never was sure the right way to do it, and wasn’t convinced on the ways in the market. So while centralized isn’t the exact solution, it seems it can move to a decentralized (convert process) model – so with that – and Sajan as a great partner and solution provider (again a fruit from the HandyCon event) – we are testing and doing final work on account.skyinclude.com to allow people to register domains on our and our network’s growing portfolio of HNS TLDs. This coming week probably need to learn it more, customize it more, and I have so many ideas on what we can do, ha! (Still also need a new laptop to fix my Bob Wallet)

Indigitus, finally got the partner team to allow us to make an announcement. Not one I like but at least something. And we we’re able to say SkyInclude can help with the NFT settlements and other parts to give us some ability to help the ambassadors more. Thinking of how it can evolve.

And so much more.

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