May 2022 Was An Avalanche

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – June 5 – 11, 2022

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As the lockdowns in China finish – construction picks up! Drilling above me, below me, outside from my window. Guess that hustle drives me (while also annoys me!)

So what are we up to this week?
* SkyInclude domain registrar – I gotta “get my hands dirty” and dive into the backend admin systems. Plan to make more tutorial videos for HNS community as well.
* Payroll and Shadstone Portal process – I think I cannot delegate this (as much as I want to). I need to dive into a new way to run the portal reports, run payroll, and a new incentive structure.
* Financial and cross border payment flow – Think need to find a new cross border payment solution. A lot of stress and complexity. And workflow for bookkeeping better this complex multiple currency cashflow rat’s nest.
* GFA podcast + video – got a couple podcasts lined up. Hope to “get ahead” and backlog a few episodes so we have shows to buffer and not be last minute anymore.
And so much more. Just gotta realize – I need to be a leader, have a clear vision, and cultivate and attract great people around what we do – from the team to the clients to the partners.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan June 5 – 11, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Last week was one of the more intense weeks we’ve had in a while. It was month end which is always crazy (and payroll is bigger than ever, but we do have an amazing team so we are happy to invest!), also some shifting with client work (some leaving, some coming), and crypto / dWeb is really just still being crushed. So that just causes a lot of strain on our amazing – and further growing and developing management / admin / finance / HR departments as we try our best to keep things smooth for our team and clients and partners.

But while it is stressful, I am also proud to see our team stepping up and making things work. That is the big hope I see, that our team can face all types of shifts, challenges, and opportunities – and deal with them as we are learning to now.

Some examples:
Akitai, our blogJV partnership Amazon ecommerce brand faced a lawsuit due to Marilyn Monroe estate. It froze the account and had lawyer emails but a settlement was reached and payment is being sent and wire is going out.
Long term client for website and content is cutting back down to financial pressures. Still working with us but reducing amount of services.
New client onboarding is shifting USA time calls each day, not clear on their package, etc.
Excalibur Brothers franchisee delaying payments on 2 orders. One even Shadstone already paid (packaging, etc) so hope to get those funds in as it is a stretch on cashflow.
NowShenzhen’s weekender wechat post was deleted by Wechat for “sensitive keywords”. No more reason provided (but why do they?)
Google SEO update on May 25 is not in our favor on many sites.
GFA Kids – still a bit confused on the workflow, the financial – and honestly putting pressure on my relationship with my wife Wendy due to that.

BUT WE WILL OVER COME IT. May has been one of the hardest months with Luna crash, crypto, client shifting, and the list above.

But there of course are positives:
Launching the Skyinclude domain registrar – a lot of HNS drama, and while the domain registration system isn’t 100% ready, why not make it a content series and let the community follow along as we develop it.
Getting GFA podcasts lined up again – been off track for a bit.
Re-open Blimp Method – Luciano had a good idea, maybe only 1 product / 1 person opening, and drip it out only to those on the wait list.
Indigitus has positive developments / discussions – believe we are close to finishing the restructuring,.
Allowing us to reflect and focus – Will be honest, do not want to do too many client projects. Sure, we can take selective clients because we need it

This week:
We are doing so many amazing things. I love it, but I am just spinning my head in circles at the same time.
Do think I gotta “get my hands dirtier” on the Skyinclude Registrar (I need to dig into the panel more and learn the possibilities)
Also gotta dig in more on the financials of GFA kids and Excalibur Brothers factories payments. I cringe when I think about the financials – it is truly my weakness but I gotta suck it up and dig into this painful cross border payments and balancing of books.
The team is so amazing – we need to learn the Shadstone portal’s power more and review a better way to do payroll as the team is much bigger and we are all using portal so it is due for a change (current payroll process hasn’t changed since around 2015 or so).

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