Trip To HuiZhou

Trip To HuiZhou (Hunt for Next Home)

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On the hunt, again. Wendy and I want to stick in 1 place longer than a year – but covid and current events have made that close to impossible.

We move down to Shenzhen from Shenyang the end of last summer (August 2021) to get our kids into school for the Fall Semester. Also I had gotten an opportunity to do business development consulting for an Amazon investment aggregator and Shenzhen made sense at the time. Plus the buyout of NowShenzhen with David made it all so clear – Shenzhen is the place.

Still can be the place, but with a 1 year mark coming – and the reminder from the school and landlord to lock in another year – time to look for more options.

So today’s vlog I take you with me on the hunt for Huizhou, China. About an hour and a half drive from Shenzhen, Huizhou is a much smaller city – also along the beach.

We stayed at Wendy’s house, David came along with us, and we looked at apartments and a school.

I’ll let you join me on this hunt in today’s vlog. The cost of the school is about equal to where we are now (about 10,000 usd/year /kid – or 20k per year total) – so not much savings there. The apartment is a bit cheaper, but would need a car to really live there. Weighing the factors, and considering as many other options as we can.

At least things are never boring! But we do really hope to find a place to settle down so our kids can have some stable friends.

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