Post Birthday Energy (Pursuit Never Ends)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – April 3 – 9, 2022

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(In photo – family photo at my birthday dinner April 2, 2022 (download full res image here)

Relaxing after a birthday, slept late (for once!) and just trying to unwind. Also a “tomb sweeping” holiday in China Monday and Tuesday.

Quick bullet points:
* Onboarding new clients and JV partners – confirmed last week some amazing new projects using our rockstar content and e-commerce team for Amazon and product launch projects. Both are good long term clients and partners and realizing quality of client and partner is really all that matters.
* Releasing an epic COVID insights content piece on NowShenzhen later this week
* Flamingo Handshake – hope to develop more the “evergreen” auction platform that is in the works.
* Realizing we need to hire and hire and hire more. But half of me gets worried as that is more responsibility to ensure we can keep enough work. But believe the projects and clients we have are long term, recurring that will allow us to scale and grow without fear of loss of revenue.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan April 3 -9, 2022 Shadstone Limited

So much to do, so little time. Thank you all for the amazing birthday praise, another year down. Appreciate every moment we have – and lets push our limits and make amazing things continue to happen. I may keep today’s plan a bit short, slept late (for once) – but trying to keep the habit even on the post-birthday party gathering (video blog coming soon)

It is a holiday in China Monday and Tuesday – Tomb Sweeping day, so the Excalibur Brother sourcing and other China business related items will be quiet. But still plenty of product development, Luciano is receiving the samples and we are iterating some three times now. But once we get a top quality, well positioned product, that is extremely valuable and worth it.

Before the holiday, we met one of our clients (in person!), a factory client and confirmed phase 2 of the crowdfunding campaign – nice! Will be working with Don on this closely as he is the expert and figuring out who is responsible for which piece.

Another client, is pushing us with a massive custom website and checkout project. We like the client but wish he wouldn’t always give us last minute urgent projects like this. But he is saying to do our best, and does like and appreciate our work. Thank you Manly, Phenie, Francis, and others for keeping it moving along nicely.

Also more and more asking for NFT integration and minting. Really trying our best to learn it, also Chelcy diving in with me on the tech and I am excited to learn it with her. I truly see NFT as the future membership and access model – no more “username and password” – but instead logging in with your wallet and the system verifying if you own the NFT required or not. Once we get the hang of this, do believe we will integrate this into many of our current projects and brands.

We are also getting things started on a women’s fashion brand that officially started April 1. Thank you Christian for the amazing report. Thank you Aubrey for keeping the communication flowing. And we need to get the financial department aware of this as it is a joint venture and need to monitor financials.

An epic Community Insight (aka round up) is coming for NowShenzhen where we collected a ton of information from the leaders in the community on how they are dealing with COVID and will be publishing that later this week (it is a huge undertaking, thanks Elayne for leading this).

GFA kids Wendy is accepting the fact that we need to invest in technology. I’m hoping we can use the tool we setup as I believe it checks all the boxes. Hope Lori is keeping up with Wendy as I can understand it is overwhelming. Hoping more on the team can support – as normally at Shadstone we have a wider range of people supporting. Or maybe I am just not as involved so do not see that happening as much (hope it is!)

Indigitus, there is deal making ongoing in a good way but I am not allowed to say much at all.

Flamingo Handshake – we are working on making it an evergreen platform on top of the monthly live auctions. But believe we need more on the team focusing on it to make that a reality.

So much more – sorry if I missed someone or a project.

So much to do -it will never end. When I was younger I used to think “we are almost there” but now I realized, it will never be over. Like MikesBlog slogan, it isn’t where you are -but where you want to go, and getting there. This is the point of life, to continually improve yourself and those around you.

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