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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – April 10 – 16, 2022

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Easter week, but a normal week in China (of course). But in Philippines/Hong Kong will be a shorter week.

Yet same as always for me – building and creating. And more and more amazing and talented people surrounding me to continue to build. It is the dream.

* GFA podcast – ugh, writer block a bit, may delay a week. Also make a more clear relationship of GFA and NowShenzhen to make things public and smooth.
* Flamingo handshake – need to do a team call on this, auction is a week away, and new IT system. Also evergreen marketing needs to be put in place.
* SkyInclude registry brainstorm – this is what SkyInclude was meant to be!
* HR, management

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan April 10 – 16, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Another intense week as always! But there is the Easter holiday this Sunday so we have an early payroll and holiday weekend coming.

Main trend – we are investing in growth and growing the team. And the HR processes and management process and finance department processes.

All I can say is we are so blessed with leaders and managers who are better at this than me. Not going to even try to fib and say I am good at management, and just really so blessed with great people in our team to balance things out. Thanks as always LJ for keeping things on track, Nessa for making a real HR process and dept, and now Martha for financial systems getting established. It definitely is not easy to do, and thank you all for being here.

We will have a new graphics and web person on the team (hopefully) this week and I have a feeling she will be a good fit for our CULTURE. That is the point, we are hiring people not just based on their ability, but on the culture fit and the values. Remember – key “SLOT” – self learning, online work, and teamwork. Seems if we keep reminding ourselves of this, and look at those who stick around vs those who leave – that is the difference.

For our projects:

Handshake – flamingo handshake auction NEXT week – as always coming up quick. Gotta confirm the auction names, and also make a new workflow for the online system we are making – to better manage the live auction, but also for an evergreen system.

Handshake – brainstorm the new SkyInclude domain registry – learning from HandyCon Sajan’s talk, and we already have clients for Skyinclude hosting, we need to really work towards making a registry system. Documenting it out and hope we can build this – as I see this as a long term cash generating business stream for us.

Indigitus – still tons of negotiation w/ the foundation and nothing I am allowed to say (also I’m told I have a big mouth, lol).

GFA – need to get onto the podcast, a bit “writer block” (or audio block), but had a nice GFA brainstorm session w/ Aubrey on CBM event and integrating web3 and re-positioning GFA for it which is exciting.

NowSZ – we made an epic Conquering Covid article and need to keep pushing it as it was a massive effort to create. Considering making a GFA podcast to go through it for cross promotion – and thinking on best way to integrate / collaborate more publicly with GFA and NowSZ.

Excalibur Brothers / Blimp – have a monthly mastermind this week. The 4 products we have all in hand now and are getting closer to pushing things through. The polishing cloth is on mass production, and others hopefully can start to confirm. Also want to add CBM event to promote the launch of EB as well as the next batch of Blimp franchisees.

Akitai – chipping away, most of the focus now is on Amazon repositioning and already improvement being seen by Andres. Exciting times as we build the empire that we have been working on doing for almost 2 decades.

So much more. So much more!

New York Bar Store – we should start to re-initiate the Influencer outreach and use this brand as the coordinator. Also consider adding Akitai products to NYBS but not sure a perfect match – but more about NYBS being an influencer outreach and distribution point for various brands we are representing. Also the drop ship program – people still apply for it – and the dream always was to have various brands under NYBS drop ship program – and we are in a better position now than ever.

Just so much more to do and see and grow. Creating is all I want to do, and I hope you too. But also we are really “beefing up” our management to support this creating.

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