Another Notch on the Tree, Happy Birthday to Me!

In blog by Michael Michelini

Well another year, and a third birthday in lockdown life. But like throws you curveballs, you need to adjust your batting position.

From one lockdown to another (david’s home to my home with wife and children) – just amazed at how well the team has grown. Just letting go, and trying my best to provide safety, encouragement, and positive culture truly goes a long way.

During our monthly Shadstone team call, they made this for my birthday:

And even had a virtual cake and singing:

So as the third year in lockdown passes, the investment in the team and online business only increases.

Birthday Celebration (First Time Out & About in Months!)

So yesterday took the vlog camera with me for the first time in a long time! A little rusty, but you can see some of the current Shenzhen lockdown situation, and join me on a small and simple birthday dinner we had on Saturday April 2, 2022.

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