FEB 28 BOYD JONES from iTech Holdings Limited / 冠誉创业投资管理(深圳)有限公司

In Events by Michael Michelini


[box] Who: Boyd Jones from iTech Holdings Limited / 冠誉创业投资管理(深圳)有限公司[/box]

[box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, FEB 28 2012 [/box]

[box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box]

[box] Cost: FREE [/box]

[box] Topic: Startup Financing – Options from a Chinese Perspective 创业融资-从中国的角度看有哪些选择 [/box]

[box] Boyd has been involved in VC and Tech in Greater China since 1991. He is currently at iTech Holdings Limited 冠誉创业投资管理(深圳)有限公司 and is also a key force behind the newly launched the Startup Labs in Taipai, Taiwan. Currently based in Shenzhen, he shares his thoughts on weibo.com/BoydJones.

Follow Boyd on Twitter: @BoydJones

Website: www.itechvc.com[/box]


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