More Americans Wanting to Move to China!

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It seems at least one per day now, either email, facebook message, twitter DM, or random add on skype and a chat. Phone calls and I don’t know where they got my number. MORE AND MORE AMERICANS WHO WANT TO RE-LOCATE TO CHINA.

Some want to teach english, others want to start a business, some who want a fresh start and a new type of job. I also sometimes get it for Americans moving to Philippines, but the red hot one I get every dang day is Americans moving to China.

Recently I received this one, I will remove contact information and personal / sensitive info, but to give you guys an idea:

Hi Michael,

I am looking at moving back to China to do something like what you are doing. I have lots of questions actually that you most likely have the answers to. I was talking about opening a small office there to help do labor intensive jobs working w/ managers I would set up in the states that would manage but really sell and interface w/ the american client or whatever country we work in. I love austria and france. I know lots of people in kunming but no one in Shenzhen so I am looking for someone there that might want to spend a little time figuring things out. If you know anyone available I’d appreciate the lead. I am also pursuing teaching english just to pay the rent but I actually really like teaching. They about wore me out last spring though. 70 per class jr. highers 4 classes a day.

Hope to hear from you soon. I am planning to fly over by the end of the month. I am open to suggestions and definately want to get some of your smarts and thoughts. thanks


I am working on ways to service this new demand. I have a friend, Joshua Whiting, from NY who is really networking like crazy to get back into China. Have been trying to connect him, also getting lots of facebook messages from friends, either who they themselves are coming or want me to meet friends of theirs who are interested to move here. I met some headhunters recently and try to connect them. Also I made a quick page on this blog on getting a job in China with links and hope to add to it as I go.

A couple months ago I mentioned I was looking for PRODUCTS to import into China and my friend from Stevens Tech, Larry facebook status updated, and then blog commented the following idea:

I was serious about the cheap american labor thing. I’m sure the visa issues would be .. well .. issues, but I imagine that there are fresh college grads that would love the adventure (if not the salary) that a rotation in china could offer. Plus, it would look amazing on the resume.

Also, like the middle class in the US, I’d go for status symbols. There’s nothing like a little bit of money in your pocket to make you want to pretend you have even more money in your pocket

Seems this is making more and more sense……there is a demand on both sides…..a dropping US salary, dropping USD currency…..less labor pool in China with increasing demand in their domestic economy. Just how to put the pieces together.

My friend Gary laughs at me saying I should become a visa agent, as I’m getting requests from Filipino friends, American friends, and people all over the world who want to get Chinese work visa or a expat passport visa ….which is a bit distracting and tiring…but I love enabling people.

Going to make a survey soon…..stay tuned. Any ideas out there?

* Image credit to Jack Masterson , a photo of european immigrants coming to Ellis Island, to immigrate into America. Is this the future of China?

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  1. This is interesting,,as many chinese people want to move to USA.

    1. Author

      there is a saying “the grass is always greener from the other side”

      think this saying is definitely true here….

  2. hey mike, have you considered making it a business to help people move to china and set up just as you are. it seems that people trust you from your blog and would be willing to pay you for certain services, help them get set up and started.

    1. Author

      hey Piotr,
      I have really been considering it the past few months more then ever. the main issue for me, that is holding me back is

      1) organization / management / structure of it – how much to charge, need to see how long people would want to go, would it be multiple city travels? how to decide which cities? which industries? is it for jobs, for education, for travel, for retirement?

      2) TIME – I am already sooo busy….need people to help me manage it (similar to above, hah)

      1. you are right at first it would be tough to price it. but you should price it according to how much time you spend doing services, + slight overhead + 10% profit for you. Don’t promise to handle everything too. just say, I provide a service of obtaining and filing this document for you – here is what you need to provide me and this is my fee. then hire people to do the leg work and wait in lines. this is what you have that others still in the US do not have. concentrate on people trying to do their own business. the teaching english has already been perfected by others. My buddies site is one of them – it looks like he provides some services as well. I heard people are not only teaching english in china but Korea is also an alternative where I have a few friends going.

  3. Well, seems new business opportunity to you, Mike.

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