Do I Need Money To Be Successful?

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Is Money Really Everything? Its kind of a second post in a series, yesterday I talked about do I need to be a programmer to be successful in a startup, today do we need money to be successful in a startup?

Maybe its because am I a middle man in this whole process? Is my role not as valuable as I think, being a connector, being a networker, being a marketer. I still think THE PERSON is the most important thing, but as technology continues to make things colder and more direct, where bottom line seems to outweigh trust and relationships ,am I overvaluing integrity?
It’s a dog eat dog world in the business world, and in the microscopic startup world, as a foreigner in a country that doesn’t seem to welcome foreigners, it’s a constant struggle. Just getting basic things done in China, as a foreigner, can be a fulltime job. Then there is actually starting or running a business on top of it.

So is it a balance of money, technology, knowledge, leadership, charisma? Is there one of them that rules more then another? Or should we, as a person born into the position we are born into, exploit that attributes were are given.

  1. Some of us are born with money, titles, and privileges
  2. Some of us are born so intelligent, with photographic memories
  3. Some are born with natural charisma and sales abilities
  4. Some are detail oriented, managers.

This leads me back to DISC personality method. I remember I had my personality taken, and I was a D and a I, D being dominant, and I being influencial. The seminar leader told us that in order to be successful we had to build project teams, departments, or companies that had at least 1 D (dominant), 1 I (influential), 1 S (steady) , and 1 C (comphre

I love the movie Oceans Eleven, just the group coorindation, the comedy watching such drastically clashing personalities coming together, kind of sucking up dealing with such opposite people in order to accomplish a common goal You had the small flexible guy to get into the safe, you had the bomb squad, you had the hustler card dealer to make distractions, it’s a great film. Another example is the dream movie Inception where a team is put together in order to accomplish a goal, all from various backgrounds – some as an investor, overseeing their investment, some as the builders of the dream, some as the mind manipulators, others as the detailed managers to keep on top of others – you can see the clash of personalities, and while there are some times they get angry at each other, they do put it aside in order to get the job done.

I think maybe this is why we, as human beings, have to learn how to work in teams. No one is perfect, and all knowing, we all need specialists, sales, investors, techies, etc in order to get something done. And it’s this fine balance of being able to handle strong personalities in others to get a common goal achieved.

So, money can’t be everything, there is plenty of money in the world. I think it’s about executing the idea, and getting everyone in a team on board to get the job done.

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