Wrapup from BootUp 2 Weekend – More Exciting Startup Energy

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more #bootup writeup, I just am so happy to finally have connected with like minded people…..and the idea that you can RAPIDLY create something from nothing…. RAPID DEVELOPMENT. I had been to a Startup pitch event in New York but still, I want to be in ASIA! This is where the action is, this is where the MONEY IS.

Yes, I think I have ADD (attention disorder something) but you know what – That is a good thing! Can’t believe they are drugging up kids in America now for being CREATIVE…….to “numb” their brain…but save that topic for a future blog post.

Some of my friends say to me

FOCUS problem:

“Mike, you’re so dang busy already, how can you really go to a full weekend for ANOTHER startup….”

Effective problem:

“whats the point, if you’re a programmer, you can work by yourself in your basement and build something in a weekend, I don’t need to work in a group with people who can’t program” (this spawned my blog post – do i need to be a programmer to be successful)

SUCH bullshit. I am so annoyed at NEGATIVE people with NEGATIVE energy…..Just try to separate myself from those people. THIS SPARKS CREATIVITY! This builds teams, this practices how to make something, quickly….with limited or no resources. NO EXCUSES. Execute! Maybe the majority of people are afraid of the rawness, the exposure, the pressure? So make up reasons to downplay the power of such a work weekend.

I was first of the startups to present, trendshare.com (I’ll make a full blog post out of it soon) but in a nutshell its a way to Share ANONYMOUS FEELINGS with the world…

View Others Around You Feeling the Same

Find Places Where There’s People Doing What you like….drinking, studying, sleeping

HR platform, disrupting the current recruitment industry
helping build a PIPELINE for a company


Karaoke battle
community for sharing karaoke, ratings, top 10
videos battling
build rank

home tasty


connect home cookers for professional chefs or amateur cooks

groups of styles of food, invite people over to try it.

targetting university students, freshmen that don’t have friends in campus.

expats who want try local food


local task platform, supply/demand

no time for laundry pickup? how much would you pay some grabbit to fetch it for you?


cloud site for real-time translation at public speaking events.

use your iphone as a speaker, receive translated chiense to english (for example) on your earphones from live translators remotely broadcasting over the internet.

After presentations we took team photos. I thought there would be judging and selection of the best startup, but didn’t seem to happen except some personal people choosing their favorite ? Casey gave some movie tickets to hometasty because it was his personal favorite. But it wasn’t voted on by the judges….Maybe at bootup 3? Anyway, i love that things are done on the fly, its so much better then TALK TALK TALK and no action. The guys at Boot Hk coworking space are DOING!

Another thing mentioned echelon, singapore – in june, a major launchpad, one of the biggest in Asia. Applications close march 7…..and the guys here who are interested in getting VC or startup funding should apply…..

and the dream continues, the adventure…..

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