Birthday Letter To Mom

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Sent this to my mom but thought I’d keep for the records

Dear mom,

Hope you are doing well. I love you and hope you had a great birthday. Id love to discuss with you how things have been going here – but I know it is hard to connect with the timezone and other things. So I hope this letter is OK.

I treasure my childhood memories. I remember the rides to the matinee movies on the Berlin Turnpike with you and Jocelyn. Talking about the movie afterwards and getting a Mcdonalds Happy Meal with a toy.

I remember the “Go Go, go go go go, fight fight, fight fight fight fight, win win, win win win win – go fight win!”

See you later, alligator. See you in a while, crocodile.

Walking up the hill on Roxbury and meeting Andrew and others. The stupid stories of picking up birds with broken wings and finding various bugs and things on the walk to school.

The t-shirt you made with the red buttons spelling out Mike. The photo you took of me and Jocelyn on our first walk to Kennelly school one year.

The sledding in Hyland park.

The time we went to Rhode Island beach and I got caught in the undertow and you were scrambling to help fetch me out. Kowabunga on the waves with groups of other random kids and parents.

All the Boy Scouts meetings and camping trips.

The baseball after eating a huge bowl of spaghetti and meat balls.

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