Going All In (Focus)

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Going All In

Been a wild couple weeks – physically with crossing in and out of China, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Chiang Mai, Thailand and dealing with Embassies and Visas all over the place.

But on the business and emotional level – after 5 years doing Global From Asia – now putting it on “ice” as I join forces with 2 other amazing partners/investors and build an ecommerce incubator and studio here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What drove such a drastic change? Maybe the video blogs helped get there -but many asked how I make money and I do – but it is HARD. It is always pushing to get paid, always pushing to do another event, etc. Seeing the Amazon business I’m a partner in growing an asset and growing sales more passively was really exciting.

On top of that, Meir said if I had invested as much time and energy making product / ecommerce content as I do for the podcasts and vlogs I would be a millionaire by now – it really clicked.

I’m a content creator – there is no doubt about that. And I am not a high pressure, scarcity salesman – which is what I think I need to do in order to monetize the GFA community I have built.

So taking the amazing team of content creators and online marketers and re-directing the energy and FOCUS to an ecommerce brand incubator. Already getting massive demand from just mentioning it to a few people and excited to introduce it more formally in Q1 2019.

The hard part has been hearing listeners of the GFA podcast ask why and trying to convince me to keep doing it, and the friends watching my vlog wondering what is next. I’ll still share random thoughts and brainstorming on my blog in text form as it takes very little effort and is a creative outlet for me.

The next journey has begun.

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