Meditation Has Been Life Changing

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Hitting Milestones in Meditation (A Life Changer)

As we approach a new year, this one coming being 2019, I have hit a small little milestone – 5 green stars in Insight Timer meditation app. Honestly some kind of timezone issue or something that broke my consecutive streak a bit but still a good milestone.

Since Jan 2016 have been meditating almost daily using the app, and started meditating in mid to late 2015. I remember hearing about it from Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Morning Miracle and others – but it is really true – it has been a life changer. (free morning template here)

So when I showed my wife the 5 green stars on the mediation app, she said why don’t I share and promote meditation a bit so here we are!

I’ve mentioned this meditation in my book “Regarding Work” (currently totally free) and the gadgets I have for it – but really it is simply CLEARING YOUR MIND from the “monkey mind” echo chamber of B.S. Of our daily lives.

What it has helped me realize is, most things we are stressing about – when you really step back, clear your head, and look at it objectively, is just a bunch of crap that won’t matter in a year. And also that most people are’t actually watching anything you are doing and it isn’t such a big deal.

It is hard to measure, but I do believe the mediation has helped also in my work and focus. I am able to do 1 thing fully focused and not get distracted as easily. In these last years massive change and I believe improvements have happened – and I do think it starts by my morning meditation and my realization that a lot of the crap in our brains is just animal instincts and monkey brained.

I do wish more people can use meditation, I think back to some of the hesitations I had with it – I kind of thought it was more for religious purposes – and you may be thinking that. In a way, it does have a similar feeling to praying – but for me I am making an active effort to drop all thoughts out of my head – where with praying you are usually thinking actively about something (but being appreciative which is also helpful).

So maybe you can take my testimonial for meditation and put it in your 2019 new year’s resolution. It doesn’t cost anything – it is more about your dedication to doing it at least a few minutes every day. I meditate for 8 minutes every morning basically the first thing I do when I wake up.

Find me on Insight Timer app!

There are paid apps and fancy courses and products you can buy but I say just get started with the free Insight Timer app although I really should upgrade to their paid version of 60usd a year to support them.

Are you currently meditating? I’d love to hear your experiences or questions in the comments below. Cheers.

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  1. Nice article.
    Really motivational and inspirational.

    I have been searching for something like this for a long time and came across to one amazing thing. It just changed my mindset about everything!

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  4. Really interesting, I have the same app but need discipline to implement better daily, what kind of meditation u use, guided or just the timer?

    1. Author

      Hey Alex,
      Glad you enjoyed it – I have a few of my favorite “chants” on the app (Shiva Mantra is the one I use the most) – I think you can add me as a friend on the app to see – search my name – maybe having friends in there using it also can help you?

      I just have the habit to do it every day – I also have a morning routine – and give a free template here

      Just keep at it – 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for the reply and help! I will add you as friend and definitely check out deeper

        1. Author

          cool got your friend request – I am a bit later meditating on Sunday mornings (my lazy day of the week haha)

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