3 years + 210 Vlogs – What I learned vlogging

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So it has been about three years since I started vlogging (video blogging) – and since I am stopping now David from 80 20 Investor inspired me to write (well asked me to make this video form, but kind of burnt out haha) up a recap of my takeaways and what I learned during the process.

It is a great way to connect with people
My friends (and the few random non-friends) really got to know me better -when I met people they didn’t need me to introduce myself or what I have been upto – they would know about where I was living, my kid’s school situation, immigration, etc. It saved a lot of that 5 – 10 minutes conversation when you bumped into someone at a bar.

Lots of critical feedback
Friends and those interested in the video blog would give me a ton of feedback. It would lead to more video blogs to answer those questions / or debate that topic as sometimes there were 2 sides to that feedback.

It takes a ton of time!
Even though I have an amazing editor helping me – Alvin you rock! I still had a lot of brainpower committed to making the video blog. The story – STORY is hard. What is the topic of the vlog, what is the beginning / opening, what is the meat of the video, what will be the closing. Sometimes I didn’t do a good job at this – as I am doing 4 other businesses and can’t always have the extra brainpower dedicated to thinking about the video blog.

So stopping this has already helped me add that extra mindspace towards my new secret incubator project.

The camera is heavy! (But great conversation topic)
I carry around a Canon Rebel t5i with me pretty much everywhere. It is a cool conversation topic though – especially when in airports. People are more open to you and also curious about what you do for a living. Are you a full time blogger? What is your channel?

Probably should have had it more focused on a topic
I think personal vlogs are fun – but maybe not the best for building a community or a real audience. Basically I feel I have been talking to the same group of people for three years now, it hasn’t grown and I haven’t put much effort into growing it.

Having someone video record for you (D-Rock Style) is challenging
So I have an amazing team of 10+ people helping me with all the content I’m creating in the business – as I mentioned Alvin is doing great video editing work – for the vlog – but also our business projects – but I have had trouble to have a D-Rock to go with me everywhere to carry the camera and take shots. I have had attempts with a few of my PAs in the past – Claire Chen in China and then Tanya (Puii) in Thailand – but the reality is – it is hard to have someone by your side ALL the time when you are recording a vlog. If it is a more focused topic with a “shoot time” – but vlog – at least the style I am doing – was morning til night kind of footage.

It is a great way to learn what is next
I think blogging and vlogging are great tools for exploring and connecting. I have been blogging on Mike’s Blog since 2007 and the journey is amazing. But I am going to go back to text only blogs with irregular updates when I have time or inspiration or something to share on a random schedule.

I do believe the video blog has helped me make amazing connections that is hard to measure the ROI. But at the crossroads I am at in life now I am working towards 1 thing – 1 ecommerce incubator – and that is it. Well, it is a huge thing and a ton of content – text, video, photo, and more will come out of it .

But taht is a 2019 thing. And I will do videos for it- just not in the format of a personal vlog.

* Even having a video editor doing the editing (which helps a LOT) – the story / the footage takes a ton of time. Unless you really just shoot a single clip of you at your desk on a regular basis – but the format I liked – the outdoor / action – took a ton of mindspace.
* It is a GREAT way to build relationships online, at scale. My friends and family have really been able to see me and my family / kids growing up over the past few years.
* Look forward to watching these with my kids when they are older. I think these early years of my kids on video is worth it by itself.

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