Thinking in 5 Year Blocks

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So I’m a fan of Derek Sivers (need to learn more from him) and one thing that still sticks with me is to think of your life as a series of 5 year blocks.

Because so many of us are creative and hyperactive beings that we want to take over the world (right?).

Yet, we had this track, this plan when we were younger – the education system. We go to grade school, high school, college, and start our career. Sometimes during our first few years in our career we then go to MBA school to then get a management position.

But then there is that 40+ years of life after college. I think this is where so many of us get lost. And overwhelmed. And want to do everything “before they die”.

Well – I guess what normally happens is – you have your 20s where you build your career and date. Then you get married into your 30s, have kids, and live happily ever after.

But there is your career, and it is this big block of a void for many people.

So stepping back and thinking of life in 5 year blocks, and then almost mapping out things.

For me, it is true – I’m in the “Daddy phase” with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. So many of my career and life decisions have been about my kids first and myself second. Because I know I will not get this chance again.

When my kids are 10 and 8, I may be able to have more “me” time (maybe) and then my career and travel plans can be different. But for now, I am working online and in the new ecommerce incubator I’m a partner in, I will be the content creation “machine”. This is my skill and I am excited to develop it more and more in an even more focused full time way.

So for you, I hope this helps you – think in 5 year blocks. Write it down (I think it is pretty personal so maybe don’t post on a blog) and revisit in on a regular basis. This is not to DELAY you taking action, but instead a way for you to approach big projects and dreams in a step by step linear form.

Because for me, I have a ton more ideas and dreams and doing them all at once would be ineffective and spinning of wheels.

Life is a series of 5 year blocks.

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