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How do you deal with feedback? While I am still a bit of a sensitive person, I have been working hard on being less concerned about taking things personal. Even if the feedback you receive is really rough, it is helpful for growth. Hopefully the person giving it to you is being constructive about it.

So I’m here at DCBKK in Bangkok, Thailand for their 5th annual Dynamite Circle conference. Already learning a ton and the event hasn’t officially stated yet (the official event is Saturday and Sunday).

But as the conference has grown, so have the pre-event meetups and I came early to take advantage of them. Arriving on Tuesday, there was a “drink-y time” networking (drinking) event that night held regularly by Scott Brills. Got to see a lot of familiar faces, and seems more and more people are coming to the conference early.

As always, the main topics are business. The event was crowded with Amazon FBA sellers, digital marketing experts, information marketers, podcasters, just overwhelming with amazing people.

Wednesday was the first set of meetups, and I picked a couple (so hard to choose). I went to the membership meetup to learn more strategies on building up the community, and the second meetup I picked was the UX (user experience) meetup.

Both again my hand got tired taking notes (writing things down helps me learn). Just so much value already.

In the membership site owner meetup, lots of sharing of strategies – how people re-bill, drip out value, do launches. Closed cart vs evergreen. And a whole lot of blogs and websites to read. Again, surrounding yourself with experienced people is something I miss out a lot on being in China – not many people like this I can hang out with on a regular basis.

Then the UX meetup, we did site teardowns. Quinn from nevernorth (she rocks) took the time to tear down sites and do user testing before the meetup – I filled out the form ahead of time and was one of the few put up on stage and dissected. Picked the website and really got dug into. But in a caring and loving way. Can’t take things personal. Fonts, colors, menu layouts. The biggest feedback was that I have too much content and it is not organized enough.

Lol, man, normally people say you need to make more content. I’m here getting told I have too much content. Well, guess that is a good problem to have. Wrote down all the notes, thanks Quinn dearly, and have a lot of homework after the event to do.

So I wonder how you deal with taking feedback? I asked some other DC’ers at the conference in the video and I hope to find Quinn and get her on the video as well – to thank her – as well as to see if she gets good or bad response when she gives her UX clients feedback on their current sites.

Rip the band aid off. That is coming up Friday with a full day mastermind event. Will get matched up with other DC’ers and do round table about helping each other get feedback and insights on how to optimize their businesses.

Let’s do this.

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