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In a massive ball pit- last Sunday was family day and I was a mule. I pushed around a lot as a daddy getting the banana boat through the balls. Pizza with other daddies and mommies – but Miles couldn’t sit still enough just wanting to go to the massive ball pit.

Finally we went down after lunch to get the tickets. Highway robbery! Each ticket is 80 RMB (about 12 USD) for children and adults. So we left Wendy and Maggie on the sidelines and paid the 24 USD to get in.

It is a ice skating rink that has been converted into a play ground. Rock music playing, and tons of staff watching everywhere.

Each ticket is a “round” that lasts for 45 minutes. Then the workers clean the pit, and the next ticket round starts.

It was a good workout – I was pushing like 10 kids on this blow up banana boat through a sea of balls. Some moms would help at the front – but really it was a lot of leverage and pushing that bad boy through this ocean. The staff would yell at me I was pushing too fast – but just keep on grinding. The kids loved it.

These positive days set a lot of great vibes in the children’s memories. Maybe Miles won’t consciously remember it, but I truly believe these fun days are deeply engrained in his subconscious memory and will give him a positive outlook on life as he gets older.

The smaller things like this that make all the difference. Being a daddy isn’t so bad after all!

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