Can We Get our Kid Into School in China? Mike’s Blog 047

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Can We Find a School For Miles? – Mike’s Blog 047

So, as usual I take my video camera out on the streets with me. We were hunting for schools to send Miles – can you believe he is almost 3 years old now? Well, in May, but it is going to come up before we know it.

Looking at various schools, I was doing my video blog. The teachers didn’t really want me recording some of it and my wife is freaking out that if too many people find out about the schools we are going to – they may also apply there too.

Schools are getting overloaded her in China! Ones we are looking at are very limited in size, with space for 2 classes of 30 each.

The application process starts in November, for the spring semester. The admin told us that if we don’t get in, we can re-apply in the spring for the fall semester.

Scary times!

Maybe he is too young to go to school anyway? He will be two and a half when he goes if it is in the spring, turning 3 in May 2017. Wendy’s dad (his grandfather) is voting for Miles to go to school in the Fall, that he is too young in school and may get in too much trouble.

What do you think? When should we send Miles to school? Do you have kids, when do you send your kids to school?

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