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I’m so glad my buddy Dave Ho gifted me a TRX. When he came back to China from a USA trip he picked up an extra one for me. We were going to the gym together but didn’t always have time. So we started doing this out in the courtyard of our apartment building, each having our own.

What I realized is this is a much better device to use in my morning workout routine rather than just pushups and sit-ups. I started carrying it out to the backyard in my morning routines a year ago, and have been using it daily since.

So what exactly is a TRX? The cool part is it is a portable pulley system for using your body weight for workouts.

You can find their website here – trx training

It can be attached to a pole, or a door – it has connectors for each.

I normally use the pole attachment – for attaching to a tree limb, playground pole, or my balcony.

Once the pulley is installed (about 5 seconds) you can start your work out. I do a few workouts with it.

One I do almost daily I call a body twist – just my internal name – not sure what it could really be called. So I use this to try to stretch my entire upper body. Each morning I do 3 sets – and the set depends on which muscle group I am working out.

I also use the gymboss to time the workout sets and reps.

Then, once done, I take off the balcony, and wrap back up and put into the bag that was provided. Stash it in my home office, and its all done before my family even wakes up.

Its a little bit heavy to take on trips, butI do carry it with me. It works on carry on luggage too, so far no airport TSA in US, Asia, or Europe have given me a problem about the bulky TRX pulley system in my carry on.

So for me, this has saved me a ton of time going to the gym, as well as gym membership fees. I have lost more weight and gotten in more tone shape since I started the TRX and cancelled my gym membership about a year ago.

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