Pushing This Event – Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen, China

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The days are coming up quick! This coming Friday we will have an event for the Free Trade Zone – a full day event!

This was created after an amazing Cross Border Summit event we had in April – and people were asking about cross border e-commerce and the Free Trade Zone opportunities in China.

For about a month and a half we have been working on making this a smooth and interactive event. Wendy my wife has done an amazing job planning it to the way we wanted it:

Friday July 29

8am – those in Hong Kong take a cross border van
10am – start the first tour at a company in Qianhai
11am – second company tour
12pm – lunch together with the companies and attendees
1:30pm – Speakers giving ideas on Qianhai and answering questions
2:10pm – A workshop inside the government incubator
3pm – Tour the incubator
5pm – Mastermind dinner – get to know other attendees, what their business is, and help each other improve.
8pm – Event finishes, get people coordinated to their home destination. Those who got the HK ticket will take the vans back.

Amazing event right? But because its our first one – seems people are not exactly sure how it will go. Can’t wait to get the first one under our belt, take photos (and fun videos) and use that to explain how these trips will be in the future.

And like all events I have been involved with in China – it always happens to get crazy and super busy just a few days before. Which is already happening now – but we don’t have too much space and I love the pressure and craziness.

What do you think? You like this idea of “Cross Border Trips”? In the future we want to take people to various parts of Shenzhen, China and even “deeper in”. Seems this is a suitable type of business line for Wendy and I – we love networking, business development, and connecting people. The first one is always the biggest challenge but we are getting there!

Hope to catch some of ya there – or at a future one.

Read all the details and register here

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