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So people have been enjoying the video blog – cool! I’m getting less and less nervous in front of the camera, and it is coming to be more natural and more fun for me to do.

I was inspired by a Gary Vee video about documenting instead of telling. Think that is what I have been doing, but the video gave me more structured format. Let people learn alongside me, with me. Also, if I don’t have the content, in the video, ask other people. Random people on the street. Have tested that out a bit.

He also said brainstorm a few show ideas. Like he said “Odd Streets” could be a show, and he told the guy that he can stand on a different odd number street in Manhattan, say 13th street, and ask people walking by a certain question. The next day or week, could go to 15th street and do the same. And repeat that. And he said something like Suburb Saturday where you go out to the suburbs and ask people or theme it around things that happen there.

This got me thinking – I am in a unique place overseas – I am on the road constantly between Hong Kong and China. The language issue is a bit of an obstacle as random people on the street may not speak English – but it is something I am excited to try out more.

Brainstorming Show Ideas

So I am thinking about adding some themes inside the video blog. Not ever video blog, but maybe a weekly segment show. For example:

* Asia Dad Day – some friends have said they like to see the video blog as a perspective of an American dad in China. How my life, experiences with kids goes. Since I have 2 little ones and I am dealing with it every day, why not make this a specific segment in the video blog series?

– Getting kids into school here in China – what are my options, what are the costs?
– Dealing with languages – what language does a kid learn, English, Chinese, both?
– Culture differences – from potty training to sleeping in their own crib/bed, how is that worked out.
– So much more.

* Product Review Day – I get a lot of people showing me their new product and asking for feedback or help with promotion. Why not use that as content . I had Hugh Bell on a recent video blog, and showed a little bit of his doodler. I should make a specific video reviewing that product, as well as other products I like or people ask me for help with.

– New gadgets
– Friend’s product (but honest review)
– Products I use that help me a lot
– Cool stuff!

* Regarding Work Show – Talk about work. How to work more effectively. Productivity. Asking others how they work. Do they enjoy their jobs? How do they best get their work done. I am passionate about working efficiently – so this could be a fun segment.

Still brainstorming others. I’ll just keep them on (for now) and if they get so popular – can always spin them off into other channels and sites.

I know some people still like text – actually for a lot of the videos – I write out the text – or at least the outline and summary beforehand. So I will try to keep it with some text for those who aren’t down to watch a three to five minute video.

The last question is – do I push all of these on my Facebook profile page? I think instead I should make a page on Facebook and then I can put all of this up there.

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