June Grind Report – Grind07

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Almost in mid July – but still committed to getting these grind reports online. June, as expected, was a tough one to do pomodoro sets. But I did get a few good ones in during the Philippines trip and between conferences in Prague.

Here are the results:

What Is Up for July

Well, almost halfway through July now so a bit of an insider’s information situation. Yet, I think in month’s productivity now that I am committing to monthly grind reports, thanks Chris Moore! Though these are the least popular blog posts – I like the social pressure of putting my results online publicly.

July will be a productive month. The internet traffic is low as everyone is on summer holiday. Already I have been working better at home. The DC conferences always inspire me to work hard and get more done. Been implementing quite a few tactics such as retargeting and sales funnel automations.

Therefore, I think I will be up by about 25% on my productivity in July compared to June. This is because there were a couple full days of jet lag, and no matter how productive someone is – planes just aren’t the best environment to get real work done (at least not coach!)

So let’s be super productive in July! While everyone else is on the beach, we are getting work done and getting ahead.

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