Sunday Morning Hustle

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It is Sunday morning. 7:30am and I am grinding.

Some people like working at night – I enjoy working in the morning. Its much harder to get out of bed (wake up early) than to stay out of bed (go to sleep late) and you have much more discipline that way. Because if you work late – then how do you control what time to go to sleep, and what time to wake up? There isn’t as much of a system to it, and most likely you will sleep later than you would if you were to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

The Cross Border Summit event is in less than a month now. I love the pressure. Sure, there have been some nights laying in bed a little bit nervous of all the potential (and real) issues that can and do arise – especially with organizing an event. But maybe it is the meditation, or the years of stress in China, or experience in doing events and business projects, I am not as worried.

Throw whatever you have at me. Bring it on. I have a quote on my wall from the book “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

It is how he ends the entire book:

Self control is strength;
Right thought is mastery;
Calmness is power.
Peace, be still!

The internal talk, the battle inside your own head is the biggest barrier to getting anything done. I will use myself as an example, over and over in my head I tell myself something is too hard to do, something will get in my way, something can go wrong.

But what I have been learning from meditation, from self help and motivation books, is to learn how to control your monkey brain.

While we want to feel like we are some advanced species, really we are still cavemen. Just wearing nice clothes with computers in our pockets (mobile phones).

The caveman brain is still dominating our thoughts. It is trying to protect us, just like our parents try to protect us from falling on our bikes or getting hurt in the playground. But all of the great people I read about online, they break through those barriers – often called limiting beliefs.

For me, when I do break through those fears, those training wheels, I’m on the bike and I’m not falling over.


I do fall over. But you know what? Falling over on your bike (failing) isn’t nearly as bad as people say it will be. So you gotta convince yourself that you can keep riding that bike, and if you fall over, just get back on it.

Screw it just do it – Richard Branson.

Maybe be like me and memorize all these motivational quotes, lol.

But whatever it is – you need to break those internal monkey brain thoughts that are holding you back.

Once we get through and ROCK this Cross Border Summit event, I’m going to publicly announce a couple new initiatives. And yes, I’m scared about it – but I’m working hard on validating it with a select group of targeted users now and want to test my personal and professional limits.

Hope this pushed you a bit. Took me about 8 minutes to write this, and it would be amazing if it helped even one person to push themselves beyond their normal mental limit.

Peace – back to the grind.

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