This Blog Just Turned 10 Years Old!

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Amazing how fast time goes – I remember fumbling around with Blogger platform early in 2007 trying to figure out how to blog. I had build websites and was selling on my own e-commerce shops – but blogging, as a person – was still new for me. I was so shy to put my real name online. So shy that my boss and my company (was still working on Wall Street then) would find out and fire me.

Now, blogging is a way of life. Everyone is doing – although sadly some write massive blog posts and put them inside of walled gardens like Facebook or Wechat so the world can’t read them – but blogs are still effective. I mean, no one comments on this blog – it is more like my personal journal and anyone can read if that wants.

But I am so excited for the years to come. It has helped me connect to a ton of people, define who I am as a business person and just a person in general.

Looking forward to blogging for the rest of my life, on this domain as well as on many others. Cheers!

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  1. Plenty more read it I’m sure! Congrats on 10 years Mike. I’m a big believer in blogs as well.

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