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Is this a real think – renting a white guy – or a foreigner in general, in China? Today we had some fun going to my friend’s company for a promotional video – but it is a lot of fun!

First a quick Big Mac Challenge for lunch.

Well, its Saturday so let’s have some fun! I have been meaning to catch up with Marian for a while and we decided why not be fat and challenge ourselves to a 10 kuai (about 1.5 USD) big mac and see how many we can eat.

Saturday is normally family day – but moved it to Sunday. Today doing a few business meetings and working hard on getting things lined up for Cross Border Summit. So many details and things to do, we are working hard to get to the next level. Met with Cross Border Summit ambassadors on Friday night, and hope Marian and I can work some deals – as he is helping to organize the China Marketing Summit.

So many amazing conference coming to Shenzhen – TechCrunch is also coming in June. And across in Hong Kong there is the Rise conference again in July. So many epic conferences, I am happy I picked to base my business here about 10 years ago – it really is becoming the center of the world.

Then I helped do a video recording with my friend Rick – he needs to show some promotional videos in his office lobby and Dylan, Ben, and I – as well as Dylan’s daughter Zoey were used as actors in this fun video on a Saturday afternoon!

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