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Here’s a question – Do You Have Yellow Fever?

Catchy headline, eh? Probably will attract quite a bit of trolls – but will see if it is a worthy “growth hack” for getting more views on Youtube.

I got a QUESTION from a video blog watcher – here it is:

Zedan Xu1 day ago
You still didn’t explain why you decided to stay in Shenzhen since 2017. Maybe you can do a video on your romance story and entitle it “How I met your mother”. That might go viral! Haha!
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Michael Michelini
Michael Michelini15 hours ago
Zedan Xu I can do an update on why I stayed this long haha, not sure about the full romance story though ha

Zedan Xu
Zedan Xu14 hours agoHighlighted reply
Michael Michelini Cool! Love your videos. Can’t wait to see more!

Michael Michelini
Michael Michelini14 hours ago
Zedan Xu so happy to hear that, this is a really old old video, do u watch/like my more recent ones?

Thanks for watching, and appreciate the question.

I do have a pretty detailed blog post on Written Chinese about how I found love in China – but it is true – I haven’t explained it on the video blog yet. Its Monday morning, family is still asleep. I’m studying Chinese. Been here almost 10 years now.

Didn’t expect to still be here, and didn’t expect to be married to a Chinese woman with kids. That was not my intent when I moved here. I came here to source factories for my e-commerce business.

As an addicted entrepreneur, I saw so many opportunities for business here that I had to just keep on going with new ventures. I sold my e-commerce business to different team members and moved onto a social media app. We went into Chinaccelerator startup program in Dalian, a team of 4. Was quite an amazing experience – and during this program, we had a trip to Beijing – called Geeks on a Train (GOAT).

Using our own startup, Social Agent, we searched for business development people in Beijing who could help us get in app stores there for our startup, as well las help other users on our budding platform.

One of those people we messaged on Weibo was Wendy. She liked my funny posts on my timeline, comparing which fake shoe to get – the fake Nikes or the Fake Adidas. And we had a fun talk and prepared to meet in Beijing. She was really amazed a foreigner was trying to do a Chinese mobile app and respected it.

We had a great meetup and she introduced me to a ton of people in the startup and VC world. I had to return to Beijing a few times from Dalian, and worked deals with Sina Weibo and other companies. Wendy was always such a strong minded, independent woman who knew the struggles of a startup founder – at her company D .cn she was with the CEO and founder since the early days as an early employee.

I had never found someone so independent and strong minded – who also understood and supported me as an entrepreneur. After the accelerator program our team moved back down to Shenzhen – and after some discussions about living in Beijing or Shenzhen – she moved down. The rest is history and we are both so happy.

So about yellow fever – I think it is about the person. I have had experiences with women from various parts of the world, and just like people – they are different anywhere in the world. So don’t be a hater, and also don’t be intimidated to marry a woman or man from a different race because of stupid racist comments like yellow fever.

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