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Global From Asia

Loves podcasting and blogging about Hong Kong, China, and Asia business.

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Enter China Community

building a product, from idea to launch? Then Enter China is for you. Its a community of entrepreneurs working to take their product and make it a reality – manufacturing, crowdsourcing, and ecommerce based businesses.

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China Business Cast

More podcasting! I love creating content, and sharing it with the world.

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SEO Services

SEO company. I’m co-founder and VP of Operations. We help US companies, mainly in local SEO rankings with our team.


I hate to delete stuff, so I’ll keep the archives below.

From December 2015

Writing this up end of December 2015.

Family – 2nd baby coming Jan 2016 We’re expecting our 2nd baby next month! Will be a girl, and we picked the name Maggie already! Can’t wait

Global From Asia podcast + Asia business agency – What started out as a podcast has become my main focus – I’m helping people setup companies in Hong Kong and China, as well as a list of other products and services for business in Hong Kong and China.

Unchained Apps + Social Agent App Business Development Manager at the app company Unchained Apps which Social Agent merged with in Nov 2014.

3rd Book Coming soon: China Startup – almost ready to launch my 3rd book, China Startup – about my experiences and insights starting a tech startup in Mainland China. Launching in Jan.