What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2023

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Happy birthday to my wife Wendy today!

It is ON – back from the conferences (KL/prague/copenhagen/bkk) and it is 2 weeks to go to our “open borders, new beginnings” at Cross Border Summit. So much more than a standard conference – this is a re-launch of the old and a launch of so much new.

This week:
* Calls and Plans for Loadpipe (LOAD), Zeppelin, Hamza ecommerce on web3. It is happening and the flow is going.
* CBM Expo finalizing (happening on Nov 15) we added on a trade booth area before the summit. CBS swag ordering and more.
* Purse closing this Friday (hope no more delays).
* HR / finance – just so much admin, as we grow, admin will most likely grow as well.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2023 Venture Seed Venture Studio

The growth is going exponential. The firehose is opening more and more. Really hope everyone can see that and can tap into their inner power and inner selves to ride this and to grow along with us.

This Friday SHOULD be the closing of the 6+ month deal closing for Purse, and just in time for the Cross Border Summit happening in 2 weeks. It will all be part of the story. The massive story that is building for the story books. Or at least a book of mine on this latest insane adventure of business and growth.

This week I’m “fully back” – have to say last week was a stretch for me – we did t he Eth Global hackathon for Zeppelin (past midnight local time on Monday), while finishing up the DCBKK event and hyper networking and learning (non stop 5 days). Then flamingo handshake 4am Friday morning. So these crazy times while being a dad and doing all our current business has been pushing hard on me.

So this week it is back to the grind at the home studio in chiang Mia. Full week for getting deep in to the local media and local experts of Chiang Mai for the CBM expo and the run up to the 2 weeks til Cross Border Summit.

We are also on track to complete the acquisition of Purse.io on Friday which is a game changer for all our businesses and careers here – as we will be on track for the debut at Cross border Summit and the kicking off of even more exponential growth – both as individuals to level up, and businesses we are involved with to level up (ecommerce and more)

Have to say, majority of our Shadstone ninjas are really stepping up – even after the 2 – 3 core ninjas out for various reasons. This is the challenge of growth – having all departments having “ninja buddies” and having systems in place for core team to be out for extended periods of time. Nessa is working on plugging those holes and improve those systems.

But this is really what I have learned over the years – nothing will ever be perfect, nothing will ever be done. Life and growth is about learning, improving, and staying positive. And for the rest of 2023 it will be a lot of opportunity and growth – more than ever before.

Ninjas, let us keep growing and improving.

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