Do you want to make a sales video that makes a lasting impression?

Selling online is a hit or miss operation – and sometimes you need all the tools at your disposal.

As we know, video is skyrocketing as people prefer to watch instead of read (honestly I prefer to read).

So why not leverage that to make videos that are educating – and SELLING at the same time.

As that is what business is all about, teaching something and then connecting that to a related offer for those who would like your services.

##So how Does Our Whiteboard Video Service Work?

Easy – fill out the request form with what kind of video you are looking for – if you have a script ready that is the best – as well as the target length and the overall goal.

Our video sales video specialist will review your requirements and come back with a quote.

PREFER something easier?

Sure we know the back and forth request for quotation can be a bit of a drag – so that is why we have a few standard packages for you to choose from below.

Starter package is a thirty second video with a script you provide (we can provide templates) and we will make the video.

Business package is the most common pack – it is a minute long video with our team helping you to modify the script outline you give and get you something that will have a high chance of converting sales.

The ultimate package is where you let us run the show. You tell us your product or service and our team will work on a custom script and video for up to a minute and a half.

So what are you waiting for – let’s get this show on the road!