KL Business Trip, India webinar, Thailand expo decision, (Week Plan Sept 3-9, 2023)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Sept 3 – 9, 2023

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Transformation continues. Will be going to Kuala Lumpur Tuesday morning to Saturday morning (like these week day trips and weekends with the kids). It is the Nomad Capitalist Live event and will be going with a couple other Amazon seller friends in Chiang Mai for some bonding and networking.

Upon arrival in KL, will also be hosting a webinar for India Masterclass w/ Meghla at 8pm GMT+8. Also having an early dinner with an old friend Henry.

The short list:

* KL trip , make the most of the networking at Nomad Capitalist Live
* Webinar for India sourcing
* Transformation of my role at Shadstone / Shadstone’s relationships with the partner companies. An ongoing one but seeing great progress.
* Cross Border Summit 2023 – confirm to add an expo or not. Get more content rolling, push limits and make this an epic event for the community + also this transformation
* Loadpipe / Purse – 1 more month to go, finalizing workflow, handovers, team members. Developers are working on prototypes and betas and we will make this dream come true.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Venture Seed Week Plan Sept 3 – 9, 2023

Deciding to call this Venture Seed week plan, as I further evolve and transform from an active part of Shadstone to a board director / advisor / coach / CLIENT. It is scary, but it is life and it is growth and it is actually a beautiful thing. The team has grown so much over the years and we have some of the best ninjas in our history onboard and leading and overseeing. So this is an important step.

I won’t be “pushing” this week plan to all the Shadstone channels / internal wiki / hr systems. I’ll let our GM Anne decide which parts of this she would like to take and use in HER week plan / weekly update.

Last week, Anne mentioned how she was adjusting as GM while I was “away” – most of last week I was at a Phuket mastermind villa. While of course as always doing my morning grind and keeping on top of things – Anne and the management team are trying to handle as much as possible on their own – for Shadstone matters.

On top of that, still deep in restructuring the various clients / partner relationships Shadstone has – such as gfakids doing payroll on their own, various Excalibur Brothers sellers paying suppliers directly, and just overall evolution. I reviewed Anne’s first proposal draft to our JV partner Akitai and while a few tweaks to make – seeing that first outline reminded me that it was the exact Shadstone dream from the beginning. Maybe this transition of my moving to a more passive role in the ninja crew will help that final push to make it a reality.

Let me go through some projects now, and hope I don’t miss anyone or anything.

* Plumepas – packaging FINALLY arrived, I mentioned to Snook this is like having a baby – 9 months since we ventured into this brand and it is a lot harder and slower than expected – but excited the quality seems amazing and have good feelings for the new product launch.

* Esatto is stabilizing a bit with final new products being sent in container four and we are reviewing our top products and setting up re-order targets.

In General – our amazon/ ecommerce brands are all finally “maturing” a bit more (all just 1-2 years old except Akitai) and now hopefully can start to stop the heavy investment in creating / growing / launching and can get to the more stable cash flow.

* Vacations – as I had predicted in August – a lot of holidays / vacations – we need to think of better procedures for backing up people when they are away. But we made it to September so I believe things will pick up.

* Loadpipe / Purse – 1 more month to the finalization and close. Having some more detailed conversations and plans for the handover and the team there who will stay.

* Products under Loadpipe – we are developing a portfolio of Dapps under Loadpipe protocol and developers are coming and making things happen. We have Nik helping on the Hamza marketplace, and we have John helping with the zeppelin.finance NFT ecomm RWA financing. Also in discussions about the protocol level building but being consulted that it can be done later. Just feeling the last 1-2 weeks have gotten a lot more clear about the product, the roadmap, and vision in general.

* Cross Border Summit (of course) – high stress, getting close to only 2 months away, but many amazing speakers, attendees, sponsors all confirming. Deciding to add an expo or not, have a call with a potential partner Jengis on Monday to discuss. OVERALL – feel it is great April came back onboard for sales, and the team is also improving on the marketing workflow.

* Handshake / SkyInclude – hns.id from Namebase came out after months of anticipation, and getting the flow of videos for the YouTube and other parts going.

Other theme – dealing with holidays – Monday is a USA holiday Labor day. Seems always somewhere there is a holiday any day of the week lol.

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