Back In Thailand, Now: Oct 8, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Oct 8 -14, 2023

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Back “home” and “office” and all I can say is Europe was nice, but I am happy here in Thailand.

This week:

* Monday – finances – after a busy trip, with CBS 2023 coming, and the Purse deal closing, need to double down and review all the cash flow and balances. Amazon, ecommerce projects. Hope Plumepas can ship finally
* Tuesday is “outside day” – networking lunch + then our monthly ecommerce meetup – which seems to be picking up numbers as many are joining each day.
* Wednesday will be CBS2023 venue finalization, meeting event management company, hotel, team, and more.
* Zeppelin is in the Hackathon for EthOnline and there is regular checkins and deliverables.
* Tons of hyper networking, also just putting all of this under 1 roof

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Oct 8 – 14, 2023 Week Plan Venture Seed

Back in “the office” from a 1week+ hustle trip in 2 cities in Europe. Mainly was for the web3/crypto world side – but as we have been saying for months, the goal is to bring the web3 + ecommerce worlds together. Was a good chance to meet in person quite a few I’ve been in touch with in chat/email only over the last few years.

And this week is going to be intensive work!

* Financials -need to dig in, it is getting quite complex now with so many channels. Need to review the invoices outstanding, and the balancing of accounts for various cash flow. With CBS2023 coming in just over a month, and more massive investments coming, being organized is critical.

* CBS2023 organizing – so many DETAILS. Devil is in the details as they say. Checking up on all the speakers, attendees, the onsite – we will have a meeting at the venue with an event management company about all these details on Wednesday.

* Delay on the Purse closing – lawyers talking to lawyers and it is creating more delays. They are proposing closing on Nov 3 now but hoping we can still do October close.

* Zeppelin Eth global hackathon – the zeppelin team got accepted into the EthOnline hackathon that is happening now until Oct 27. A lot of prizes on the line, and it is also a good “sprint” to push us to move along. The team is growing and more is being made.

* Plumepas shipping? Really need to discuss optimizing the flow here from Thailand for this new brand, guess it was a learning experience for the supplier and Snook – as well as Christian and our team to be more clear on the requirements needed for shipping to Amazon. But seems all is addressed and shipping this week – MUST.

* Next week dcbkk – I’ll be going to bangkok next week for Dynamite Circle’s yearly conference. More intense learning and networking.

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