Intense Week: Testnets, Foundations, Happenings, Taiwan + India (Jan 28 2024)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2024

Listen as audio here [1.5 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

Last few days in Chiang Mai before trips to Taiwan and India. And transition from “building” to “marketing”.

This week:
* Loadpipe Foundation team all in Chiang Mai – weekend intensive meetings, preparing announcement this week for first marketplace, Hamza (project raft)
* Ecomm Brand Plumepas back in stock at Amazon, re-launching in progress
* HandyCon speaker announcement coming, episode 3 road to handycon.
* Ecomm Meetup in Chiang Mai Tuesday 2pm, blockchain ecommerce topic!
* Webinar 8am Thailand on Crypto 201 + Loadpipe announcement of Hamza testnet.
* Fly to Taiwan Wednesday til Friday night, Handshake meetings and Bd.
* Saturday is approximately “The Happening” in the HNS blockchain, will be on top of this!
* Fly to India Saturday for India Sourcing Trip (Til Feb 14)

For those who want to see how they can get involved and help, here are some ideas!

How you can get involved:
* Interested in participating in blockchain ecommerce? Be ready for announcements on / this coming week
* In-Person meetup in Chiang Mai, 2pm Tuesday on blockchain ecommerce
* Online free webinar on Crypto 201, Wednesday 8am Thailand time
* Help purchase / support the re-launch (video coming this week on MikesBlog)
* Attend Handshake Meetup Lunch in Taipei Friday 12pm
* We’re hiring for community management and social media management. check out

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