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Coronavirus Test & Day 1 In China Quarantine

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Welcome to quarantine. Really it is just being stuck in an average Chinese hotel room for 14 days. Food delivered to your door 3 times a day. But so far – no housekeeping. Trying to figure out how to wash my clothes and sheets and the floor – but will get there step by step. So since the last video …

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[Quarantine] Entering China During Coronavirus

In vlog by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment Entering China During The Coronavirus What an intense week it has been – and a lot of VLOGS! Our team is working overtime with all this hyper active content. So we left off on the last video blog where I landed in Korea and checked in to some Airbnb style personal apartment Wendy booked for me on a Chinese …

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Coronavirus Travel: Cebu to Korea

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Flight attempt 3 – Cebu to Korea To China May need to make a highlight video blog from all these “Coronavirus vlogs” as many of you are confused where I am and what is happening. Writing this Sunday morning March 22, 2020 – from a spare room of my buddy Josh’s place in Cebu, Philippines. Since the last video, you …

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Drastic Times, Drastic Measures: Mask Trading & Re-launching Sourcing business

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My wife has been pushing me for weeks to do this, and I have been resisting. As always, the wife is always right. We need to change our business models and do what is most needed – for the world and for our businesses. I’m bringing back the old Shadstone Sourcing trading business – – and will be focusing …

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Company Retreat in Bohol Turned Operation: Evacuation

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Writing this up from my hotel room in Bohol under much different circumstances than I expected for our team retreat. Rushing to the airport on Thursday, Marc told me that Manila is considering going on full lockdown. I wasn’t sure if I could make my flight before the lockdown was announced or what would even happen. Flight went like normal …

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True Passion – Sharing and Teaching People How to Earn a Living

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“Back at it” – The Alpha Rock Capital partners have let me loose and to do what my passion is – to share and spread the good word. Alexa and I took a trip to Quezon City (my old home from 2010!) to speak at Ace and Andi Estrada’s Manila Mastermind e-commerce event. A few hundred attendees there, all local …