Last Quarantine Vlog: Will I Ever Be Allowed Back in USA?

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Well, this is the last video blog I plan to do under Chinese quarantine. Its Sunday April 5, 2020 as I type this up and tomorrow at 640pm I will be allowed to check out of this makeshift hotel hospital.

Coronavirus swab test, Coronavirus blood test, checked the box. Didn’t get issued any results, but guess no news is good news in this case.

Finished my birthday in the quarantine with the Loadpipe webinars and having good friends also hopping in to say hello. The quarantine “hazmats” also knocked on my door during the dinner delivery to give me a live rose. They have been very kind.

Tables have turned

Loadpipe’s first factory direct group buy was completed, we have reached enough orders to get production going. The regulations of masks has been changing so rapidly end of March / early April 2020 it is making all of our heads spin. But we have a solid factory and a great trust relationship with Andy and Ino from Insight Quality who is overseeing it all, and we will deliver.

Was also invited back on BBC UK live morning radio to share an update since I was last on. So much has changed since that first clip in January when I was in Manila worried about my wife and kid’s in lockdown in China. How the tables have turned.

Fresh batch of quarantine people

On Saturday, my attempt to get a half day’s rest was interrupted with just a couple days left of quarantine to go, they asked me to move my hotel room from the third floor to the fourth floor.

I was noticing things getting empty, and as others were leaving quarantine, they also passed me their extra unopened water bottles. The hazmats asked me to move because they were bringing in a “Fresh batch” of new quarantine people and would be using the third floor for them. They wanted me to be further away to protect me from any risk.

Thoughtful, and organized, thank you. Although annoying to pack up all my cans, food, pots, pans, and eggs – health and safety has to come first.

Just a couple more days and I will get out of here

To add to the stress of stuck in a quarantine, mask trading pressures, and general pandemic life – Josh our friend in Cebu sent me a couple twitter screenshots from the US state government :

And another of PJ Entrepreneur’s Facebook video of a long, long train of ambulances from Chicago to New York.

Something is going on, and we feel the government is not telling us exactly what.

While he and I have been overseas for so many years – getting these repeated warnings from US travel agencies to come back immediately or be stuck out of your home country for an unknown extended amount of time is scary.

Picking a side of the border.

Summarizes the last couple months of my life. Where to park your human body during the largest pandemic of our lifetime.

For me, it seems we will not be going back to Thailand this summer. Seems we will be here in China for the foreseeable future.

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