[Special Project] Making The Most Of the Quarantine

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Stuck in this quarantine, your mind starts to really wander. And the constant wechat calls from my wife about masks and the Wechat groups, Facebook, Instagram, etc overloading me with mask buyers and seller requests has made me lose sleep.

Sitting here in quarantine, trying to organize groups, excel spreadsheets, overloading email inbox.

It has been screaming at me to build something that took me to China back in 2007.

A system for calming down this chaos and allowing people to buy from a factory direct in a group-buying community fashion.

With so many new buyers and sellers jumping into the complex world of international trade, import and export – there are a lot of people losing money, stock, and straight up getting scammed.

So as I get my 3 meals served to me each day in Chinese quarantine, I will open this private beta of a group buying factory direct community platform.


Already got the site built, this domain I have had since 2007 when I was living in Piotr’s spare bedroom in San Diego California (between New York and China)

Now is the time it is needed most.

Now is when the people need it.

Now is when the community here needs it.

Let’s do this together. Join me as I develop Loadpipe platform from inside my quarantine in North China.

Check it out at http://www.loadpipe.com

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