Cancelled Flights & Locked Down in Cebu

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I have been running away from an avalanche for a week now – lockdown in Manila, lockdown in Bohol – and in Cebu booking flight to China.

Thought I would make it – literally by the skin of my teeth – with a Tuesday March 18, 2020 flight to China – with 2 connections – for 800USD.

But failed.

The flights were supposed to be cancelled from Tuesday night – but in the morning they decided to cancel all starting in the morning.

No news that I could find would tell me that – the online booking said on schedule / on time. So I hopped into a grab and took the 45 minute drive to the airport from my hotel.

Arrived, it was a ghost town.

They still made me go through security check – and then the customer service at Air Asia simply gave me a customer service number to call about cancellation policy.

Sat down at an empty row of chairs.

Seems the airport is locked down until April 14.

Another month away from my family.

This time, with carry on luggage from a Bohol retreat and no apartment – all my stuff locked in a BGC apartment in Manila.


Found a nearby “airbnb” but was using Expedia – confusing. But got in there and stocked up on more canned food.

My amazing wife is totally calm, but seems China is safe, the kids and family are safe. So I just gotta hunker down in Cebu and ride this out.

Check out how I endured my first day, stuck in Cebu:

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