Quarantine Birthday – Celebrate with Me Online

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You may think I am crazy – but I was really trying to time the return to China + 14 days so that I would NOT be in quarantine during my birthday.

Tried to fly on March 17 – which would have BARELY gotten me out by April 2 – but the whole airport shut down suddenly.

Was thinking to even stay in Cebu, Philippines simply because I didn’t want to be locked in a hotel room during my birthday.

But, had to do what I had to do – and took the flight my wife bought for me last minute and flew out from Cebu last Sunday March 22, to arrive in China on March 23 and start the 14 days.

Which means, I get out of “jail” on April 5 (let’s hope).

And, my birthday on April 2 – so I am going to be in “jail” during my big number: 39.

Also more Coronavirus tests – this time blood test

At least I have a fulfilling project to work on. Check this video out to find out:

As I said in the video, I was and will be hosting more webinars on Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic, Masks Trading, Supplies Needed From China. If you want to join in the discussion, reserve your seat now and choose the best time for you.

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