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Happy July 4th From China

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Another July 4th in China. This year had a bit of a different style to it. The US Embassy invited me to Guangzhou for the Celebration of the 239th year of the United States of America. Sure I’ll take them up on the offer! Haven’t been to Guangzhou since going last year for Miles emergency passport. Walking back into the …

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Book Review- Startupland

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I was fortunate enough to attend Mikkel Svane’s (Zendesk founder and CEO) presentation of his startup journey founding the company in Denmark to relocating to SF and the recent IPO. I’m really happy he also stopped by Shenzhen on his China visit – as a lot of people are unaware of the size and ability of the tech community here. …

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Taking the Fam to America! USA trip in September

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I’m excited to say that I am taking Miles to USA for the first time! We booked the flights for September and Wendy, Miles, and I will be cramming onto an international flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco! International Flight Details So I booked it for September 11 and will stick in the States until about the end of …

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2014 Year in Review

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I have really been slowing down on my blog here, have been putting the Hong Kong and China business posts on Global From Asia blog and podcast and also deep into my work at Social Agent which is now Unchained Apps. But I will still be posting on the blog here more for a personal journal and reflection point of …

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October Has Been a Transition Month

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October Has Been a Transition Month It is no secret getting married and having a child is a life changer. It helps you to focus your business and “tune out the noise” in your life. I love it! Waking up to a wife, son, and my Chinese father in law is the most fulfilling and motivating thing I have had. …

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New Startup Office, Investing on Separating Home & Work

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Been extremely busy lately – baby due in a bit over a month, still pushing as hard as humanly possible with my startup Social Agent, and just moving into a separate home office 1 building over from where I live. As a full-time entrepreneur over the past 7 years, I have had both fixed offices, home offices, and flexible (aka …

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Conclusions from My USA Roadtrip

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Typing this email up on my airplane from San Francisco to Seoul, Korea. Airplane rides are always kind of like a “transition” from one place to another, one state of mind to another. And I’ve been digesting the last 1 month in USA. Definitely an invaluable experience, and as always in my life – a mix of business and personal …

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Hyper-Fast Memory Lane in Hartford, Connecticut

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Nice to see Everyone, but so quick! Like a world wind tour – on this USA tour I am on I booked a few days in the city I was born and raised – Hartford, Connecticut. Also was nice that it worked out to be during Chinese New Years week – so the emails and workflow slowed down a little …