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Delay No More! Executing, implementing for my startup!

In business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Sometimes in life you just gotta make a stand. Take a chance. Put everything you’ve learned, built, earned towards one thing and EXECUTE. I remember first coming to China in 2007, thinking how cool it would be to do an international business. I remember wanting to do Load Pipe import/export trade platform, and thinking “man, I have no idea how …

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Focus, Do 1 Thing, Pressure to Succeed

In business by Michael Michelini1 Comment

Been a long road, but I think some of my mistakes in life have been trying to do too many things at the same time. I will use this Sunday evening (liking to blog on Sunday evenings) to go through how in my lifetime, I have never really been focused on 1 thing, and maybe relate this to others also …

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Back in China, Summary + Reflections from USA trip

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini5 Comments

Saturday afternoon typing from my desk at Chaihuo makerspace in Shenzhen, China. Totally buried in emails, chats, notepads, namecards surrounding me. I FREAKIN’ love it! – as much as I get stressed, jet lagged, overwhelmed, emotional….I just love this hyper-active traveling and international business. This USA trip was a defining one for me. Really a bridge, meeting blog readers on …

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Visiting more awesome Seattle tech companies – @SEOmoz

In usa by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Monday here in Seattle, and I definitely am experiencing the Seattle I was expecting – rainy, lots of coffee, and tech companies! I had scheduled a tour of SEOmoz during my stay and have been excited to drop in after an awesome startup weekend. I got to know SEOmoz well since they launched their site explorer and Gillian (@SEOmom) was …

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Amazing Time Inside Seattle Startupweekend #SWSEA

In usa by Michael Michelini3 Comments

The main reason I’m in USA is for facilitating this weekend’s Seattle Startup weekend, arriving here in Seattle late Wednesday night after a roadtrip up from San Francisco w/ Attila. The energy has been extreme – about 130 entrepreneurs checked in – overbooked with 80 on the waiting list! I’ll have to be honest, I was a bit nervous, being …

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Getting Sweet Techie Gear in San Fran!

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Jamming in as many meetings as I can during this short stopover in San Francisco, I was able to meet Kat from Modern Twist who came across my blog last week about how to import into China she emailed me while I was in Los Angeles. Going back and forth in emails, I realized I would be in San Francisco …