Choosing: Mastermind, Coach, or Accountability Partner?

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As the new year approaches, we should all have someone – either a group, or another individual, who is pushing us forward and making sure we are doing what we say we are going to do.

Should you join a mastermind or hire a business coach or here is something new I just heard about

I’m thinking about finding an “accountability partner” – I learned this at a recent event. I have tried masterminds before – but maybe it is better just to have 1 other person. This is how it works

Commitment: Weekly 1 hour call with the other accountability partner
Format: 20 minute free chat
20 minute one person shares what they have done since last week, what they accomplished, what they will do the next week
20 minutes the other person shares.


The purpose of this is so that it gives you commitment and pressure to do what you say each week.

Asking a few friends now (although it says not to work with a friend in this) and will update this blog post later as I learn more on how an accountability partner goes.

Probably the main challenge is – will both of the people be serious about it? In my experience with masterminds, people start strong doing it – but as time progresses- they get too busy to attend the mastermind, don’t do the work they say they will do, and it falls apart.

With this 1 on 1 accountability, it may work better as it is not group think, but individual to individual.

FYI – this photo was from the Global Sources Summit

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