Epic Alpha Rock Launch Party in Bangkok

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Epic Penthouse Launch Party for Alpha Rock Capital

The morning after, typing this up from inside a massive 6+ bedroom penthouse in downtown Bangkok.

The team at Alpha Rock Capital wanted to make an impact at DCBKK and we invited various people in the network to come and join – to meet us and learn what we are up to. Nothing too formal, no hard pitches for investors (although quite a few in attendance were making requests for our investment presentations)

Took some video clips and will have Alvin our amazing editor put it together and will be put on the Alpha Rock Capital Youtube channel.

Still intense at the conference but here are some quick screen grabs from the party videos.

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  1. Why do you fight your introverted nature Mike? What kind of work do you feel comes most natural?

  2. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing your experience. hope you enjoyed it there. Great job! Keep sharing.

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