Hosted Workshop at MOX Taiwan on Content Marketing

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Amazing time Mentoring at MOX Accelerator in Taipei

Back in Thailand after an amazing few days in Taipei, Taiwan! Much colder than I expected, winter season seems fully in effect!

Went up to mentor the startups at the MOX Accelerator. TR Harrington, the Co-director there and an old friend from China online marketing days invited me to share.

I did these 2 presentations in an afternoon workshop on Thursday Nov 21:

Leveraging Content Creation Consistency to Have Your Audience Take Action
They always say content is king, but if it isn’t done consistently and isn’t targeting the right people it means nothing. Mike Michelini, host of Global From Asia will share insights of how 6+ years of podcasting and content creation has built multiple businesses and an audience that supports him in various business ventures (Ecommerce Gladiator being one).

Building a Landing Page System For Measurable And Scalable Results
Content creation is good, but we need to also make calls to actions and landing pages. What should we be capturing, what should we measure, and how to know if it is working? Taking an example from eCommerce and Amazon FBA, we will go through some tips on landing page creation, purpose, traffic, capturing, and measurement.

Great stuff for my speaking section here at Mike’s blog

The teams were really excited to learn how to better use content to get traffic – but what seemed most valuable was the “website teardown”. Simply looking at landing pages (though many still only had “normal” pages we could look at) – they got a lot of value having not just me, but TR, and other startups giving them input on how to improve their conversions.

Things like:

* More clear headlines
* More social proof
* Better positioning of buttons
* Simplifying!

The food in Taiwan is AWESOME and we really took full advantage of it with regular lunches and dinners at hot pots, BBQ, and more.

I also made content there – interviewing TR Harrington for the Global From Asia podcast. Also did a video interview w/ NatBay to get to know these female co-founders and how they are doing Thailand ecommerce from overseas. And of course this blog post!

What is MOX?
It stands for Mobile Only Accelerator – the website is if you’d like to check it out.

It is part of the SOSV network of accelerators – a sister of Chinaccelerator and HAX.

Also FYI I’m an alumni of Chinaccelerator, batch 3 back when it was in Dalian, China in 2012! Dig back in these Mike’s Blog archives to find more.

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