My Chinese Friends Are Asking to Hire Americans!

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My Chinese Friends Are Asking to Hire Americans!

One thing that has been coming up over the years is Chinese ask me for a lot of stuff. A bit overwhelming at times, but there is opportunity in this as well.

One of the requests is to help find a USA based sales rep / distributor partner who can help them build up more B2B business and sales channels.

For example, as Chinese make more of their own brands, there are requests from small wholesalers and distributors in America who are looking to buy a carton or two to sell in their stores or on their own channels.

The Chinese business owners really have no idea how to reply. How to setup such a program, create and build that relationship and other ideas.

For me, I wonder how easy it is for me to make some introductions? Create jobs back in my home country, and build more opportunities globally.

How would it work exactly is the question. I’m in early stage development of this and wonder if my just making an introduction to some friends in America would be enough.

And hey, maybe you’re reading this and are interested to be a USA based sales contractor / consultant for some of these brands. The hope is I can bring some opportunities.

Fill Out The Form To Get US Rep Opportunity Updates

After getting more questions and requests privately from people – I put together a quick form on Global From Asia so we can connect you if interested

If you want to be a sales rep in this cross border opportunity – fill out the form now

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  1. Hey Mike, how about demand for Amazon consulting, e.g. amazon/facebook ads, product dev strategies, building a crm, etc

  2. Basically how to build a sustainable brand on amazon instead of just more and more discounting and giveaways and blackhat shit

    1. Author

      to be frank, they dont want/need help w/ that – they want a usa person to call wholesalers and build retail distribution.

      I am a straight up guy – they do all the sstuff they want online – but need someone on the ground.

      but not all of these guys are black hat.

  3. Hey Mike – how would an American get paid by a chinese business partner in this case? Is there a high risk of not getting paid? And would the american party need to setup a business entity in china to legally receive payment? Thanks!

    1. Author

      IT is a tricky one – but many have US companies. I still think it would be a contractor agreement from you personally or as your own LLC / INC to their USA LLC / INC

      but true, this is a risk….maybe by the month paid upfront. But it is a risk. Maybe taht is part of my job as a connector.

      are you interested in talking to some?

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