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New Year, New Covid Test

In blog, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

Welcome 2021! We are all adjusting to the new normal and here in Shenyang, China there is a new outbreak of COVID, some new strain. I’ll be honest, I am not following the news. But all I know is, New Year’s morning, we woke up to mandatory COVID swab tests in a vocational school turned COVID testing center. A bit …

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Company Retreat

In blog, travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

March 2020 was crazy! I went to Bohol in the Philippines to meet my team. The plan was to do a strategic planning and team building or retreat. I just want to get to know the team better. Then, it happened. Lockdown. We were having fun one day then scrambled to try to get home the next. The rest, well …

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My Son Wants To Become a Kung Fu Master!

In blog, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

We all have new year’s resolutions. My son, Miles may not even be aware of what those are yet but he has one: To become a Kung Fu master! All those Atom Man cartoons and toys combined with his love for Spiderman led him to want to learn Kung Fu. So Wendy found a nearby (well, 30 minute taxi ride) …

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Top Productivity Tip

In blog, productivity, vlog by Michael Michelini

Keep the student mindset. This is a valuable tip that my friend, Rico Ngoma, shared in a short clip. It is true. In order to be productive and get on top of your game, you have to keep the student mentality. This means, you should never stop learning. Have a humbling experience of not knowing anything and learning about it …

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Online Mastermind

In blog, corporate world, e-commerce by Michael Michelini

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Mastermind? Well, looking at the word itself, you would somehow get the idea that it has something to do with an expert or the main architect of a certain plan or program. But, in the online world, particularly in eCommerce, it means so much more. In a mastermind, there are a …

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Top Copywriting Tip

In blog, corporate world, vlog by Michael Michelini

“Copywriting and writing are two very different things.” This is what Ana Warren Gonzales said when asked about tips on copywriting. She also said something about Core Emotional Benefit. Watch and listen in to know what this is all about as she shares in a nutshell a top copywriting tip.

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2020 Year In Review, 2021 “Plans”

In blog, business by Michael Michelini

Time for the 2020 Year End Review and 2021 Plan. High res image of Mike and Maggie What a year it has been. Year 2020, I almost want to call the inflection point of “AC/BC” (After COVID, Before COVID). And, next year to not be 2021, but to be “1 AC”. Chatting to a friend about our meeting in Spain …

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Why Rico Moved to Asia

In blog, family friends, philippines business, vlog by Michael Michelini

I caught up with my friend, Rico Ngoma, CEO of Source Find Asia, in Manila, Philippines early this year. This was before the whole COVID-mania took over most of our lives. We talked about why we moved to Asia, what made us take that leap from where we were and why we decided to stay. It was fun thinking about …

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Speaking in Quezon City

In blog, Events, vlog by Michael Michelini

I have often said that what I love to do is content creation. But behind all that is the desire to share what I have learned in cross border trade, e-commerce and life in general. Hopefully, I get to help others do some innovation in their ecommerce businesses. Here’s a clip of me speaking in an event organized by a …

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Why I like Inbound Marketing

In blog, e-commerce, vlog by Michael Michelini

A lot of e-commerce entrepreneurs rely on one channel and one marketplace for their sales. But it dawned on me when I woke up one day and got a sale that this thing is the future – inbound marketing. What is inbound marketing and why is this a thing that e-commerce entrepreneurs should learn to grow and scale their business? …

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Gloves For Bloggers In Winter

In blog by Michael Michelini

Quick update for those curious – the gloves for typing in a cold winter room have arrived. This is why most “digital nomads” choose to live in warm places, I would think. So they are essentially normal gloves with the index finger and thumb tops cut off. The image on Taobao showed them as more like covers instead of straight …

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ABB – Always Be Building

In blog, motivation by Michael Michelini

chatting to my dad and mom on Facebook today – and they sent a photo of me when I was a kid. Struck a cord with me. Was always building. Trying to make a taller tower of blocks. Creating. Let’s all just keep on creating. ABB – always be building.