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Hustling and Launching – New Products Coming to Amazon (a story)

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Still here in Shenzhen, China in the hot July heat! And it is hot for sure – after almost a year of hard work re-positioning Excalibur Brothers to a product brand, trademark, and tweaks in the product line.

Back story, the original founder of Excalibur Brothers, Lawrence, and I had been friends since 2004. We met in ecommerce marketing forums and helped each other out and learned a lot together. During covid in 2020, I noticed his site isn’t updated and we chatted. Worked out a deal and took over the site and have been working hard to re-position it from a sword and knife online retailer to a product brand for bar and gift market.

Luciano partnered up with me, and we worked steadily re-positioning the brand and also used it as a case study in Global From Asia’s new program – BlimpMethod.com

And in Jan 2022 we kicked off the first cohort of Blimp Method with a great group of people. They opened or had their own Amazon seller account, and we worked with them to develop products suitable for the Excalibur Brothers product market.

You can see previous video blogs of Luciano and me visiting various factories this year.

Well – now the first product is live on Amazon – a wine polishing cloth (you can see the  product page for the wine polishing cloth on the EB site here ) or if you prefer, hop to the wine polishing cloth Amazon listing here.

And there is a ton to do! We love it, and we are coordinating with Francis and Peter – you can see a call we had with them at our Blimp and GFAVIP mastermind online session in the video blog. This is a new way of selling online, and we are excited to pioneer it.

The next cohort, cohort 2, will be opening up in August, and we are super excited to let those on the waiting list know!

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